SRaj Aramco Biofuel

SRaj Aramco Biofuel
This is a "Renewable Source Of Energy" It is a clean burning industrial fuel used for heat generation. This product is manufactured by combining organically derived oils with alcohol in the presence of catalyst to form the corresponding Ester. The raw materials generally used are soya oil , cooked vegetable oil , palm oil , rape seed , etc. It is simple to use, biodegradable, non toxic and essentially free of Sulphur and aromatic hydrocarbons. This is superior blending fuel . It can be used near or in blended form in any ratio with petroleum diesel/LDO/FO

Cost effective
Similar calorific values as LD
11% in-built oxygen which gives 100% burning efficiency compared to petroleum LDO
Better Lubricity
Higher Cetane number
Increases burner life as a result of complete combustion & lesser carbon residue
Easy to handle, store & transport
Bio degradable & non toxic
Clean burning
Low emission of environmentally unfriendly material :
-Sulphur emission are essentially eliminated
-48% lower carbon monoxide emission as compared to LDO/FO
-67% lower total hydrocarbon emission as compared to LDO/FO
-47%lower particulate matter emission as compared to LDO/FO